Courage of the Sunflower

The stem of a sunflower stands proudly as if it knows it is the symbolic scepter of the Queen of Wands. Its sheer strength dominates the gaze. Its bold yellow petals projects confidence and joy. It bares the burden during the dog days of summer shedding nourishing ‘fruit’ (seeds) for humans and Gaia to happily consume. The flower shares much symbolism […]

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Death is Just a Rabbit-Hole

“Inertia, boredom and depression often conceal inner terrors” – Rachael Pollack, Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom When the Death trump is pulled fear of disease and loss rises to the surface for the uninitiated. Misfortune is assumed. The more one stands to lose, the scarier Death seems. Those “on the bottom” tend to pray for or are indifferent […]

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The Glory of the Elements (and their Illusions)

The privilege of purity is carelessness. The illusion of purity is entitlement. (Earth/North/Pentacles) The rite of honor is righteousness. The illusion of honor is duplicity. (Air/East/Swords) The power of passion is appreciation. The illusion of passion is violence. (Fire/South/Wands) The magic of compassion is love. The illusion of compassion is manipulation. (Water/West/Cups) In this context, illusion […]

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the Purity Spectrum

The astrological sign of Virgo is the standard of purity in Modern Western Consciousness. The Virgin Mary being the premier example of the archetype. We consciously understand Virgo to be asexual and untouched aka uncorrupted by man. Ever since I was a child, I passionately rejected the concept of a desexualized Virgo. The Virgin Queen, after […]

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the Humbling Surrender

Surrender and Vulnerability are often used interchangeably but they are not the same. To be vulnerable is to be seen. To surrender is to allow. I can easily be seen for all the mess and contradiction that is me as long as I feel like I control the narrative. To surrender would be to release control. Pride is born […]

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the Virgo Star

I believe that Virgo corresponds to the Star tarot card. I associated the Star with the Hermit (a traditional Virgo correspondence) and the 5 of Cups. Why? How?                The 5 of Cups is centered around grief. Three of the five cups are lost. There is a sense of distance from the once […]

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The key correspondences, from my perspective, of Saturn are the trump cards the Devil and Tower and the magic word being ‘illumination.’ This corresponds to Genesis and the Tree of Knowledge. The Devil is not but the Shadow of God. The Tower is the House of the Devil. The more ignorant we are of our […]

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