the Virgo Star

I believe that Virgo corresponds to the Star tarot card. I associated the Star with the Hermit (a traditional Virgo correspondence) and the 5 of Cups. Why? How?

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The 5 of Cups is centered around grief. Three of the five cups are lost. There is a sense of distance from the once grand tower, and yet, the bridge is not burned and two cups remain. Nevertheless, there is a feeling of isolation and “crying over spilt milk.” It is the only card of the three with an obscured gender. We all go through the experience of emotional turmoil regardless of the silver linings. Grief is not gendered where the Hermit and Healer (the Star) archetypes are.

The 5 of Cups share a strong water motif to the Star. There are two cups/vases in both cards. But in the Star, the remaining chalices are intentionally having it’s contents poured out. Hope and Faith are not on reserve; they are readily available. This is the gift of Wisdom born of Faith. This is the Divine Feminine tapping into her emotional power.

The 5 of Cups has a dry landscape with a flowing river; the Star has a pool of water in an abundant field. The 5 of Cups is thirsty; the Star is well-nourished.  Alternatively, the Hermit stands on a snow-covered landscape with a grey sky. Outer visibility is limited. The elements are cruel. Isolation is necessary and preferred. It is not painful and forced like the 5 of Cups; however, the 5 of Cups could lead to a Hermitic period. If you look closely, within the lantern, the merkaba star exists. The card of the Hermit is in service to cultivating and maintaining the light of the Star.

It is important to note the similarities of the cape of the 5 of Cups and the Hermit. Both are shielded and protected from visibility and the elements. The Star is absolutely naked (some versions have her exposing nudity from beneath a cape) and vulnerable to the elements and perception. The Star emerges after a period of healing and transformation. referes to Virgo as the Master Healer. This relates to the myth of Astraea. Astraea was the Virgin of the Cosmos. She was a symbol of Purity and Innocence. She was the last of the Immortals to abandon humanity and ascended to the constellation of Virgo.  Astraea lived among men and met them face to face. This was the strength of her purity. She is the female form of the symbol of Justice (I will write a separate post on how this came to be).


Whether it is Original Sin or Karma, we are not born pure. It is something that emerges within us due to time and experience. It is something we earn. The Star emerges from a period of intentional isolation born out of grief/loss/disappointment. It embodies the purity that is born out of a transfiguring period of reflection. Only surrendering to one’s vulnerability will these qualities emerge. Not everyone is strong enough to fully sit in their multi-dimensiality. Sometimes people would rather end their human journey by doubling down on their destructive behaviors instead of surrendering to emotional pain and physical isolation. Reformation is hard. Addicts resist rehab; diabetics and the obese resist changing their diet; life partners resist separation despite how physically abusive the relationship becomes. Your substance abuse can kill you. Your diet can kill you. Your lover can kill you.

Can you go through the full experience of transformation when all is lost or will you recommit to your corrupting influences?


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  1. Thanks – I enjoyed your post a lot. I’d never thought of the 5 of cups, the Hermit and the Star as a set, but it makes sense. Thanks for the insight.

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