The key correspondences, from my perspective, of Saturn are the trump cards the Devil and Tower and the magic word being ‘illumination.’ This corresponds to Genesis and the Tree of Knowledge.


The Devil is not but the Shadow of God. The Tower is the House of the Devil. The more ignorant we are of our true selves, the harder “the Fall.” And so, it is important to remember that to be holy is to be whole, to be well is to be whole. To be whole is an awareness of both the light and dark, wild and civilized, masculine and feminine.

Saturn will illuminate your limitations, your darkness, your ignorance and force one to act on the illumination. Saturn, for this reason, can be frightening and overpowering. It can transform your life and maybe even ‘destroy’ it. Maybe people do not make it through their Saturn Return and opt to ‘pass over’ because they are unable to reckon with their demons aka the “27 Club.” Saturn is achievement-based and therefore will force you to take stock of what you have accomplished and what needs to change to be more in alignment with your true self and soul purpose. If your whole life is based on a delusion of greatness or a battle of inner demons, Saturn will be the most difficult for you.


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