Courage of the Sunflower

The stem of a sunflower stands proudly as if it knows it is the symbolic scepter of the Queen of Wands. Its sheer strength dominates the gaze. Its bold yellow petals projects confidence and joy. It bares the burden during the dog days of summer shedding nourishing ‘fruit’ (seeds) for humans and Gaia to happily consume. The flower shares much symbolism with its namesake, the Sun. It is bold, bright and energetic. A fitting symbol for the Queen of Wands–the Queen of Fire.

The gendered archetype of female leadership oscillates between Cups/Water and Wands/Fire. Water is the more classically receptive feminine where the Fire excels in projecting its identity to the masses. Cups is for nourishment where Fire is for protection. Cancer and Leo are the perfect representatives of such leadership qualities. Leo is associated with the Queen of Wands and the Sun card. Fire is linked with high psychic ability. The Sun corresponds to the harmony of consciousness and the confidence it produces. This confidence is the cornerstone of courage.

What do you know to be true about yourself that works well with others?

If there is nothing about yourself that you believe is in harmony with yourself, others, or your environment–volunteer. Volunteering can be done in many ways, but it centers around devoting yourself and time completely to other person. Volunteering for the sake of personal gain is a passive aggressive act which the Queen of Wands despises. Act because you know it is right, not because you want to appear righteous.

The Sunflower reminds us simplicity and strong straight-forward actions are the keys to a harmonious mind. Questionable choices, unchecked passions, unappreciated effort, and hurt feelings cause disharmony, yet are inevitable. The Sun is not a safe space, but a haven. The Sun (fire) comes after the Moon (water)–after we confront our unconscious self. We can only be in harmony when we are aware of our dreams. We can only be in joyous sovereignty when we know ourselves.

The Sun. De Sphaera Biblioteca Estense Universitaria (Modena, Italy), 15th century.

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