the Purity Spectrum


The astrological sign of Virgo is the standard of purity in Modern Western Consciousness. The Virgin Mary being the premier example of the archetype. We consciously understand Virgo to be asexual and untouched aka uncorrupted by man.

Ever since I was a child, I passionately rejected the concept of a desexualized Virgo. The Virgin Queen, after all, was unmarried rather than untouched. Marriage seemed to be the corrupting factor–not sex. Mother Mary was also unmarried, but was soon to be. Her sexuality was ripening.

The Virgo myth of Astraea highlights that the purity of this Immortal was her ability to remain pure even when engaged in face-to-face fellowship with man. It is something radiating from within that is incapable of external influence aka corruption.

Our perverse Modern minds associate sex with primal animalism. This, ironically, relates to the idea that sex exists solely for the purpose for procreation. Sex has a deep spiritual purpose that provides profound healing (albeit can be equally destructive when mismanaged). These associations exist on the Purity Spectrum.

Rational Thought brought down from the Heavens is the highest form of purity. Virgo Astraea is an Immortal from Heaven able to speak and behave in an always righteous manner regardless of the earthy temptations present. Queen Elizabeth I remained unmarried despite all the temptation in the world for worldly gain. Her resistance to temptation brought forth England’s “Golden Age.”

The opposite end of the spectrum embodies the manipulative, chaotic forces of primal sexuality. Chaos brings forth the unconscious where the Self lies unsanctioned by the purifying light of the Cosmos. The potential of the past and limitations of the future lurk in unknown waters, uncharted territories. This is Scorpio.

The midpoint is Libra–the two paths balanced. When the scale between divinity and animalism is equitable, Virgo is reminded of its humanity and Scorpio drops its defenses, soaring in integrity. The scale needs to be constantly checked and balanced.



2 thoughts on “the Purity Spectrum

  1. My Virgo rising, Libra sun and Scorpio moon seems to be this exact balancing act! I wonder if Astrea has special power in my life? Plus I was born in the Virgo/Libra cusp. Sept 24


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