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This is best when seeking validation for a particular knowing. What I mean by “validation” and “knowing” is most often people seek divination to illuminate a particular truth that’s on the edge of their understanding. I can help accelerate the illumination with my intuitive navigation skills and abundant resources. Your question can be broad or specific. The more specific, the clearer the answer. Broader questions in this format are best suited when looking for your blindspot. 

written correspondence for $63


This is an extensive breakdown of a particular relationship or situation. This service is for more difficult questions that demand great consideration and care. There will be multiple spreads attacking the query from multiple perspectives. I honor the pain that draws you to this service. I thank you for your confidence. 

written correspondence for $249


Birthday and New Year readings are the best! I created a special 25-card spread that I use exclusively for this question. I made it to serve myself so I know it’s good. You can ask for specific insight on love/life/career or a general message. You can also use the other services for your yearly breakdown if this spread does not appeal to you. Two specific questions can be added with the yearly at no additional cost. 

written correspondence for $125


Audio is an energetic exchange, as well as, an opportunity for advice. You can attach an audio session to a specific service or use it on its own for a chat. For a chat, Tarot and Oracle cards may be pulled during the session but it will not be a complete spread. Our conversation will be a heart to heart moment.

45 minutes for $83

90 minutes for $160


Video is also an energetic exchange and the most intimate service I provide. This can be attached to any of my written services or on it’s own. Like audio, cards may be pulled during the session but it will not be a complete spread. A heart to heart conversation face to face or a pre-recorded video custom made for you to repeat.

45 minutes for $160

90 minutes for $300



As a High Femme, it is important for me to remain behind the veil. The more intimate the exchange, the higher the rate. Intimacy is my gift and the closer you get, the more of an energetic toll it takes on me. My prices reflect this truth. I also prefer not to engage in testimonials because I believe the leap of faith is an inititation into my intimacy. Thank you for your consideration. With that said…

It is ideal to share your astrological information and that of those related to your query.

E-mail correspondences include my interpretation of your question, photos of oracle cards that I may pull and detailed explanations to key tarot placements. I will not be sending a photo of the spread, unless I truly believe it is what is in your best interest. There are multiple reasons for this. My goal is to provide the most potent and direct message; oversharing can distract from this intention. Also, I sometimes use multiple spreads forgetting to document as I am in the zone, so to speak.  This mode of communication has a precision and efficiency the others lack.

Audio is as much of an energy exchange as it is a reading. I will forward any relevant information from the reading and oracle cards pulled via e-mail. The e-mail will not include a breakdown of our conversation or audio recording.

A video call or personal video, like the audio, is an energetic exchange and reading. This is the most intimate option, therefore, the most expensive. You can choose between a one time live exchange or a pre-recorded video that can be replayed. 

With all that said, it is a pleasure and honor to serve you. I take these exchanges very seriously and desire to lovingly show you the way to wholeness in thought, word, and deed.

Thank you for trusting my message and process.


  • There is no late or cancelation fee.
    • I honor both of our Divine Timing.
    • If you paid yet missed your appointment, you are free to reschedule. Chronos Charge will be applied if you wish to reschedule immediately.
  • There is a same-day and extended-hour surcharge of 20%.
    • What I do takes time, preparation and discipline. This fee is to honor both our needs in respect to Time. If you need an appointment in less than 24 hours, this fee will be applied. If you want an appointment outside my office hours, this fee will be applied. For example, 63+12.60=75.60.
    • I call this the Chronos Charge to honor the Divine Timing.
  • While I respect what I do and your need for my services, I am not here to transform your behavior or personality; I am here to advise based on your current behavior and personality. The oracle exchange is an experience. A great artist can inspire you to change but they can’t make you. In short, no refunds or miracles; just mutual responsibility. 
  • Readings can be done yearly, monthly, weekly, or on a whim. 
  • In-person readings are on personal recommendation ONLY. No exceptions!
  • Know thyself.