Husband of Mary

Saint Joseph, husband of Mary, Jesus’ Father [Figure] Domestic Divine Masculine Ideal There are many interpretations of Joseph and his relationship to Mary. I prefer the most radically loving version: Joseph married a young girl despite the public opinion on her sexual misconduct due to his faith. He saved her illegitimate child from certain death by following his […]

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God is Gracious

Over and over, I am shown that Joan of Arc is a dominate guardian of 2017. Her birthday is the Epiphany which is such a revelation of her Divine nature and purpose. She is a Capricorn which means she came here with a specific purpose where the accomplishment of her goals would define her life. The Epiphany is […]

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I AM my I AM

Surrender. Accept. You are. You are if you work hard or little. You are if you are sick or healthy. You are if you are happy or sad. You are aging. You are dying. You are alive. Accept all that you are. You are dependent. You are alone. You are free to make choices. Surrender. […]

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9 Years and Britney

Numerology is something that I have normally felt distance with in its masculine attributes. My opening to numerology was in understanding the power of the 9 year. It is the Year of Integration. Britney Spears in my guide in this. Britney’s first single was released in a 9 year; the pinnacle of her breakdown was in a […]

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Suspended Animation

Sleeping Beauty is one of the most beloved and revered stories of the West. The Briar Rose is a tale of preserving innocence and beauty despite the traditional toll time takes. It is nothing short of a miracle! Every interpretation of the tale includes a prophesy at the time of the babe’s birth. There would be […]

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No Rhyme or Reason

This song/video highlights the vibration of Separation in Love as glorified in Radhe Krishna. Its lyrics deal with the circular nature of life and the need to consider the Other while going about your life (very Libra). It is a plea for her love to not be in vain and to experience the physical sensations of her […]

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A Place on Earth with You

Radha embodies bhakti, or devotional love. It is her devotion that strengthens Krishna. Radha Krishna is not the happily-ever-after fairy tale fetishized today. The love between Radhe Krishna exemplify the moral of Separation. I use the word moral because devotional love is defined by its existence outside of what is convenient and logical. The Lovers card once depicted the choice between […]

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