The Rose of Alchemy

La rosa, la inmarcesible rosa que no canto, la que es peso y fragancia, la del negro jardín en la alta noche, la de cualquier jardín y cualquier tarde, la rosa que resurge de la tenue ceniza por el arte de la alquimia, la rosa de los persas y de Ariosto, la que siempre está […]

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Fishers of Men and Lovers of Women

Vesica Piscis is a very well known Christian symbol. So popular it is a stereotype of the Christian devotee. The symbol corresponds to the astrological sign of Pisces which corresponds to the Ocean. The age Christianity was born under was Pisces which was defined by its monotheism and providence towards unity. Depending on who’s opinion you follow, we […]

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Compassion for the Despised

I live in New York City. When it comes to charity, you easily become jaded. You see homelessness on such an extreme level, you quickly understand that you can’t help everyone. Not only can you not help everyone, some people don’t want help and become defensive when you try. How do you help and when? […]

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Listen, Carefully

In the episode of Sailor Moon where we meet Sailor Mercury, the show starts with a prologue between demonic entities that make a very curious statement: parents can be crueler to their children than the demons would ever be. First, this is interesting for the social commentary it is making. It is not secret that certain […]

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Carefree as Roses

Perhaps my favorite thing about Sailor Moon is how they highlight the power of sheer girlishness. The anime makes it clear how undervalued it is in modern society. Even the other girls on the show tease Sailor Moon for her extreme femininity. This was also true for the gopis. Their obsessive natures were thought to […]

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the Feminine, the Redeemer

It has been said Mary Magdalene was at the foot of the cross when Christ died and that she was the one he first appeared to after his Resurrection. It is said that her anointing made him King and her work in establishing the Faith was essential for its survival. Savitri married a man she also knew […]

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