Welcome Beloveds!

My name is Viviane Coombe Haas. I was born and raised on a tiny barrier island on the Jersey Shore. I am a double Cancer with Virgo Ascendent. I graduated from the New School’s The Schools for Public Engagement with a general studies degree. My focus was on philosophy, literature, and creative writing. I, also, studied movement, cinema, psychology, and some social sciences. Some of my favorite classes included Fairy Tales, Vampire Literature, Aesthetics, Labanotation, Playwriting, and Sacred Symbols.

I was raised in the Lutheran Church and initiated as a Priestess by Sage Goddess’ Athena Perrakis. I am committed to a Christian perspective in the Western tradition. Jesus and Mary Magdalene are my primary archetypes for prayer. I view Radhe Krishna as a different incarnation of these archetypes. I, also, work with Hera, Kali Ma, Sedna, and Ashtatara. My male archetypes include Jesus, Vishnu, Green Man, and Hermes. I work with the wise and powerful Ganesha, as well.

I am a licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist. Beauty has always been my passion. I have training in fundamental reiki and reflexology. I have studied astrology my entire life buying my first book when I was 7 but I have been studying it in earnest for over a decade. I did my first tarot reading when I was a freshman in high school abandoning it fairly quickly, but progressively became more committed to the art as time went on. I now offer Readings Thursday – Sat.

This blog is to express my High Femme spiritual perspective in a relatable and easily digestible format. I like to think of them as “Bedtime Stories.” My goal is to enlighten and entertain.

Please like, share, comment, inquire: don’t be shy!

With all my Love and Light, I serve you.