Venus in Aries

Romeo and Juliet – Sir Frank Dicksee

Aries is the sign of Physical Wisdom according to

Venus is, of course, the planet of love and beauty.

Aries is the sign of physical wisdom because they trust in their importance to the universe. They are the Fool, the universal child knowing its needs will be met. It is all about them and their immediate needs. This is wise because like the mythological hero all the elements of the universe conspire to test the individual. We constantly walk off cliffs–intentionally or accidentally–due to the intoxicating nature of life.

In Venus, Aries struggles interpersonally because it is all about the Self. However, if your relationships dishonor you, now is the time for it to revel itself. Boundaries will shift. The eros of the individual will be the most relevant thing now in relationships. Cupid’s arrows are the defining element of this time.


What do you want? How much do you want it? What will you do to get it?

Fights are particularly sacred at this time. Listen to your needs and the needs of others. The truth may be hidden, but the discomforts one harbors will break free. Aries is fire–it will not wallow in what makes it unhappy. Aries will run blindly towards what makes it feel good. Aries stays curious too. It’s chasing the highs of love.

This is particularly auspicious for those waiting on Kairos to break up or get together. Now is the time! Be reckless and dive in. A new journey awaits you and it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for. What you match up with while Venus is in Aries matches your level of desire and enthusiasm. What brings you discomfort is what is in disharmony with your own sense of self.


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