Fishers of Men and Lovers of Women

Vesica Piscis is a very well known Christian symbol. So popular it is a stereotype of the Christian devotee. The symbol corresponds to the astrological sign of Pisces which corresponds to the Ocean. The age Christianity was born under was Pisces which was defined by its monotheism and providence towards unity. Depending on who’s opinion you follow, we are either in or entering the Age of Aquarius.

dual fish and anchor from the Catacombs of Domitilla 1st century AD?

Aquarius is an air sign associated with water. They are the Water Bearer or the Water Bender. They are the Well from which the divinely drinkable water is brought forth. It is interesting to note the main figure from the age before Pisces–the Age of Aries–was Moses. Moses was carried in a basket down a Great River (the symbol of Cancer/Mother) to his destiny. We cannot escape the essential spiritual quality of water. Jesus said it himself.

Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.” – John 3:5

After the Resurrection, Jesus went to some of his disciples on the Sea of Galilee. They were trying to fish unsuccessfully. But, Jesus went to them and they knew him; they listened; He provided. He told them that if they indeed did love Him, they would feed his sheep, shepherd his sheep, and feed his lambs. The disciples of Jesus are the Fishers of Men. To be a follower of Christ–a Christian–one must protect and provide for the most vulnerable among us. That is what Enlightenment demands. That is true nobility and divinity!

Pisces is opposite Virgo, the Virgin. The Virgin is the Master Healer: the Healing Light of the Cosmos. Pisces is the Enlightenment of the Ocean. This spectrum embodies the most dogmatic and esoteric concepts of Christianity.

There is this interesting ancient motif of the cosmos coming out from the ocean at night and returning to their hidden abode during daylight. This illuminates one to the ancient mind. Many religions of every nation have the motif of a primal, chaotic world existing under the ocean. The underworld, heaven and hell, reside in the unknowable depths of the Ocean aka Piscean consciousness.

Aquarius is opposite Leo. Aquarius brings forth the Divine Feminine while Leo asserts the Masculine. Leo is the authority over our Nature. Aquarius is the man-made well that nourishes the community.  Leo is the Crown which a society stands on.

Madonna, Leo/Aquarius/Virgo, High Priestess: Queen of Heaven and Earth

Jesus before the Last Supper invokes the symbolism of the Aquarius water bearer. Uranus rules Aquarius and so it is a sign of forward-thinking consciousness. Aquarius and Leo represent the spectrum of consciousness required for a thriving civilization which is symbolically a balanced gender identity–the Twin Flames.

We cannot go forward with the virgin/whore complex, the oedipus complex, the electra complex, or ruthless narcissism.  Jesus and Mary Magdalene were each other’s Beloved Companions. They were partners in their Soul Mission. Our gender identity does not exist outside of us or need validation from the outside world. We are complete within ourselves and our companions are only to reflect the truth within our own hearts.

Tamar is named as an ancestor of Jesus. It was on the side of a road, near the city gates, where she glamoured herself as a temple prostitute to enchant the patriarch of the family she married into–Judah. Judah is an essential figure and his name is from where the term “Jew” stems from. She was scorned for the wickedness of her husbands–the sons of Judah–for their inability to produce an heir. Judah did not uphold his promise to Tamar to marry her to a third son so she consentually took what was hers by right. As mentioned in previous posts, enchantment is an illusion of the Divine Masculine. Aquarius at its finest.

Now this Nick Cave song references the story of Jesus meeting a non-Jewish woman at the well of Jacob–the Patriarch of the Israelites. Jesus rested alone and asked for water. This is so unheard of for many reasons. First, they were two people of different tribes communicating. This was a no-no. Second, a man–a learned man–was speaking directly to an unknown woman. The woman is surprised by the exchange for these very reasons. The conversation turns strange when Jesus tells the woman that the water He has to offer her is far superior to any well water she can provide. (Remember how the Well represents the community nourishment necessary for a civilization’s success.)

“but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” – John 4:14

The woman still does not know Him. Jesus informs her that he knows of her five marriages and that her current man is not her husband. He does not say this with judgement or scorn. Imagine! A man– a learned man–the lord and savior Himself saw this woman so clearly and he still offered her salvation!

Jesus then makes an amazing claim which is a hint to the truth of the Age of Aquarius. He explains that the Jews worship what they know and non-Jews [my wording] worship what is unknowable. Jesus claims that salvation comes from what you know and that it is now time to for all true believers to worship the esoteric (unknowable) Father. To be a person of *good* Faith in the Age of Pisces and Aquarius is to worship the Holy Spirit (Holy Mother) and to honor Dharma (Holy Father). BOTH! A unified healing.

It was the testimony of this woman–a woman that by many standards should be shunned and punished for her “wicked” ways–that turned even non-Jews into believers. Here was Christ, in his most glorious self, turning to a sinful woman for relief, offering her love and truth and kindness. The testimony of this water bearer confirmed for many that he was indeed “the Savior of the World.”

“The Beginning: Cosmic Mother and Background Radiation from the Big Bang” Elta Wilson

In closing, what can we do with all this Enlightenment? We have unified this past era in so many ways. First, in some very concrete and problematic ways like colonization and conversion. But in some difficult and esoteric ways like the Resistance and progressive movements. Both sides equally represent the process of unification. To be unified–truly–is not this traumatically narcissistic ideal of sameness, but an appreciation of difference. We are the unknowable Holy Spirit and the known Word.

Pick a side. Not because one is better or worse, but because they are two opposing paths that completes the circle.


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