Listen, Carefully


In the episode of Sailor Moon where we meet Sailor Mercury, the show starts with a prologue between demonic entities that make a very curious statement: parents can be crueler to their children than the demons would ever be.

First, this is interesting for the social commentary it is making. It is not secret that certain Eastern cultures have an extreme emphasis on academic studies. The human Sailor Mercury is completely devoted to her academics–to a fault. This is no surprise, of course, since Mercury deals with communication.

Second, it hints to a bit of valuable wisdom. Demons are not interested in making you “sweat.” They don’t care if you work hard or barely at all. They care about your energy. Getting one excited, like a young girl, is the most potent form of energy. This is a lesson repeated throughout the entire series.

Young girls are dismissible and unprotected in their powers. Yet, through traditions like the Bhakti path, we know the love of young girls is the most desirable/honest spiritual path. The demons consistently excite the girls to steal their power.

You are at your most powerful when you are happy and excited.

You are your most powerful when you’re fully resonating in your Divine Feminine.

Never forget that!



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