Carefree as Roses

Perhaps my favorite thing about Sailor Moon is how they highlight the power of sheer girlishness. The anime makes it clear how undervalued it is in modern society. Even the other girls on the show tease Sailor Moon for her extreme femininity. This was also true for the gopis. Their obsessive natures were thought to be madness, yet was deeply respected among the sages.

Such devotion is most often found in blossoming maidens. Bhakti is known as the Natural Path because a consuming love like that of a school girl is the most natural way to love and experience devotion. Dharma, Karma, Ego prevents such dissolution. Sages and disciples of all traditions can spend their entire life trying to breakthrough and love so unconditionally.

This is why Sailor Moon is the Princess. Her carefree, fun-loving nature paired with her ability to love unconditionally is her superpower. A rarity, indeed!

Bloom fully into the Rose within your heart.

It is perfect.



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