Trusting your intuition is a three-step process. It is directly related to the Vagus Nerve: beginning in the mind down through the throat to our heart and then the gut ending at the anus.


Our thoughts become our Truth which is held in love, or resistance, and grounded in our guts. Our guts is where discernment comes into play. It is our ability to digest our thoughts and feelings with the world around us aka the things we consume.

The food, drugs, and drinks we consume affect our discernment. For instance, a common dilemma is one who’s nerves and diet are overproducing acid (wanting to process the current reality faster than possible) which is the result of resisting the Truth in one’s heart. Modern thought suggests a complete diet overhaul or a drug that blocks the acid.

Let me first speak on diet, there is a reason why sometimes changing diet works and other times it doesn’t. The mind-body-spirit connection is so profound that it is inseparable! I know this is a cliche at this point, but have you ever really thought of the consequences? Yes, using the example above, one’s diet could make a difference if the reason they are consuming is to numb the truth in their hearts. If your diet/lifestyle is reflective of your inner self then changing it won’t accelerate healing (and might create a new set of issues). Similarly, one might be repetitively consuming a certain ingredient that produces the physical imbalance. Red Dye #40 is a perfect example of a drug that one might crave which greatly impacts the physical body and is found it almost all cheap, convenient food/drink.

This is why mindfulness and discernment is so essential. Consumption happens at every level: the people we interact with, places we go, sounds we listen to, the drugs we take, the pieces of earth we consume. I word the last two things the way I do because not all of our food are naturally and completely from Gaia and some of what we call drugs are Gaia absolutely. We need to consume Gaia to sustain life. (There is a lot of philosophy, theology, and ethics around how to consume Her which will be addressed in a future post.) We do not need drugs to physically exist, but to execute certain intentions. This has been for all of humanity and is an essential part of many religious rituals with it’s intention-based function.

The greatest issue of modern life is the mindlessness of consumption. Firstly, the pure variety of choice and information available is a perfect storm for a Kafkaesque reality. Second, the most readily and convenient choices are not the best. Most people, in fact, sustain life on drugs and very little Gaia. Artificial food for an artificial reality. This is proven by the fact that the body often has to detox to adjust to a Gaia-based diet.

Are you surrounded by people that watch the news on a 24-hour cycle and eat fast food on a regular basis? When was the last time you’ve eaten food made with love and passion? Do you only listen to the radio and the Top 40 of past and present? When was the last time you were someplace beautiful, or quiet?

Every moment is an opportunity to remedy your situation and heal your life.

Discernment is listening to your body, your instincts, your intuition and making mindful choices off that. This is one of the trappings of “Pop Mindfulness.” Following a path that appears to be more mindful, but is actually just blindly following a trend or leader is no different than following the masses addicted to the news/social media/fast food.

Design your lifestyle based off how you feel in your body. Make every choice an ethical one. Kindness is a radical act. Being kind to your body and to yourself, and then, to others is rebellious. Are you consuming nutrients and entertainment that heals the world or divides and destroys it? Are you working for love, or to feed the rejection that sustains your ego?

Life is really this deep. Your life matters this profoundly. Get intimate with yourself. Be tender and loving with the world around you like a mother and a new born babe.


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