Sailor Moon: Soldier of Love and Justice


The Sailor Moon anime offers a similar arch every episode. Usually, the episode is about how Usagi’s human life/behavior creates conflict with her Soul Purpose; a crisis trumps the drama; Usagi has to step up as Sailor Moon resulting in a more mature Usagi with the help of her guide, friends, and/or Twin Flame. (One of the lessons of Sailor Moon is our dependency on each other.) However, the drama shifts from episode to episode. Some expand on the show’s mythology while others explore the Guardians’ interpersonal dynamics and individual backstories. The most common theme deals with battling a malicious, predatory force.

These episodes also follow a pattern. In fact, the series’ repetitiveness could almost be a hindrance if it wasn’t, in fact, serving a meta-purpose. This purpose is to showcase all the ways in which modern society depletes our energy and, specifically, the ways modernity preys upon the Divine Feminine. Interestingly, in the light of the day, these predatory forces are hidden and dazzlingly seductive. It is only with the Power of the Moonlight do these dark forces and their hideous forms reveal themselves.

Some examples of the way dark forces prey on the Divine Femme: the demons curse flowers, gemstones, potions, charms, beauty and diet trends; they haunt schools, contests, shrines, and fitness programs; they prey on the talented, the naive, the ambitious and desperate; they tap into egotism, vanity, and greed. The “pathetic wants and yearnings” of modern day humans are the ways in which we let our energy “spill out.” A “catalyst” aka the desire around vampiric objects and places used by the demonic entities allow for the leakage of human energy. (Episode 5) Most episodes explore all the different manifestations of demonic vampirism.

Sailor Moon and the Guardians protect and heal those used for the dark entities’ nefarious intentions. The Light of the Moon reveals that which is hidden by imitating accepted modes of being. When their victim’s intuition–femininity–alerts them of danger, the demons know the words to put the modern human’s frail egos–masculinity–into submission. Only the illuminating power of the moon can heal such entanglements and illusions.



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