Moon Prism Power, Make Up


I am rewatching Sailor Moon in preparation of the movie’s rerelease next week. There are many lessons and symbols within the show that I will often write posts on them. (Sailor Moon is a June born Cancer. I am a July born double Cancer. I feel very connected to the energy and mysteries of the show.)

“Moon Prism Power, Make Up” is the first command utilized by Sailor Moon. Usagi (the human avatar of Sailor Moon*)  begins the activation by taking the appropriate physical form. Her eyes then awaken, followed by her heart, as she is filled with light. A gem is placed over her third eye which is mounted on a tiara.

Through activating her physical form, Usagi becomes Sailor Moon via the opening and honoring of her sight.

“Make Up” is an interesting turn-of-phrase. In an obvious ploy to appeal to stereotypical feminine interests, the word also references illusions. The command is to activate the enchantment that lies within moonlight. The enchantress in a projection of the Divine Masculine as taught in the mythology of Mohini. Sailor Moon represents a feminine ideal that is a companion to the Divine Masculine. After all, moonlight is just a reflection of the sun. There is a divinity to her lovesick nature which is also related to her desire for deep bonds among her girlfriends.

“The Moonlight is the Messenger of Love.”


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