God is Gracious

Joan of Arc by John Everett Millais

Over and over, I am shown that Joan of Arc is a dominate guardian of 2017. Her birthday is the Epiphany which is such a revelation of her Divine nature and purpose. She is a Capricorn which means she came here with a specific purpose where the accomplishment of her goals would define her life.

The Epiphany is the first day after Christmastide aka The Twelve Days of Christmas. It is the celebration of the Light of the World being known to all Nations. The Great Unifier was born. Hallelujah!

The eve of the Epiphany is dedicated to the Wise Men meeting the Christ child. They verified that he was the one that’s been prophesied. Christianity was first and foremost a foreign religion to the Western traditions. There are three main reasons for it’s success in the West: by force, by prophecy, or divine inspiration. Nevertheless, the faith went East to West and then the West (being the heart center of Gaia) spread it out across the world. Providence accounts for the light and shadow, the trauma, karma and dharma of it all, but no one said Unification would be easy.

Today, the 6th of January, we celebrate the Glory of the Light of the World: Jesus, the Lord and Savior and the memory of the late great Joan of Arc. The Epiphany celebrates the Light of Christ but theologically it corresponds to the act of Baptism. Jesus was born and then Baptized allowing the Light in then his resurrection allowed him to share it with his disciples and believers. We bathe in the Light of our Lord, the Great Unifier. Joan of Arc was a woman of great faith. She let the Light in. She followed her mission fearlessly. Her faith has served as inspiration ever since.

Joan of Arc was also known as the Maid of Orleans. The Epiphany is the kick off to the Carnival season in New Orleans. Today we receive the promise of Spring Renewal and Rebirth. All we need is the Faith to get us started and carry us through.

Let the Light in to Awaken and Shine. Hallelujah!


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