I AM my I AM


Surrender. Accept. You are.

You are if you work hard or little. You are if you are sick or healthy. You are if you are happy or sad. You are aging. You are dying. You are alive.

Accept all that you are.

You are dependent. You are alone. You are free to make choices.


You will always have desires. You will always have needs.

To claim to have transcended desire means you desire to remove the physical experience of love. Separation creates disease and discomfort. Love heals all wounds. Soften your heart to find peace.

Mother Mary–Mother of the Sea–cries for the love of all creation. Her love sustains life. Let her love wash away your doubt. Allow yourself to be loved. Become whole.

Surrender. Accept. Allow.

You are.

And I don’t know what the hell, what the Gods,
What the fuck I’m saying half the time.
But something divine, oh divine,
Brought me back to you and I know it…

And I’ve got so much more that I want to do.
Was it music? Was it science that saved me?
Or the way that you prayed for me?
Guess either way, I thank you I’m alive.

-George Michael, “White Light”


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