9 Years and Britney


Numerology is something that I have normally felt distance with in its masculine attributes. My opening to numerology was in understanding the power of the 9 year. It is the Year of Integration. Britney Spears in my guide in this. Britney’s first single was released in a 9 year; the pinnacle of her breakdown was in a 9 year; she released a near pop masterpiece with little to no appreciation in a 9 year.

Britney debuted as a solo artist and succeeded by projecting the paradox of the girl-next-door. Britney was a sweet girl from a predictably Southern family and community. She sang in the choir and took dance classes like the typical American girl. Britney was the cliche which made her also “not that innocence.” (Laura from Twin Peaks is another great–albeit shadow–representation of such an archetype.)

The integration of the 1998 first single is the result of Britney already being in the spot life from the Mickey Mouse Club where she learned her limitations since the supremely talented Christina Aguilera was already her peer. Britney was integrating her talents, lessons, and ambitions. 1999–a 10/1 year–successfully established her new cycle as a solo artist. She wasn’t a great singer, but she could carry a tune and perform it–vocally and physically–like no one else. 1998 was her year of integrating her performance persona.

The next 10 years, Britney was showing how she was sweet and naughty. She was a country girl, but unafraid of city living and culture. She embraced it all. She was (is) all of America. She was massively successful, yet was criticized for being too dependent on her skills as a performer rather than artist. She was a sexual object of maidenhood, but punished for exploring what that means.

The pinnacle of this paradox is Britney’s song “Overprotected’ which was release in a 5 year. The year where she was really grounding her experience as a successful entertainer and desirable young woman. The song opens with Britney declaring how she needs time, love, joy, and space. “I need me.” This declaration paired with the initial intention of a becoming a successful maiden performer caused the breakdown of her integration of 2007.

Like many of her kind–attractive, popular small town girl/woman–Britney went through a period of partying and predatory friendships. She wanted to enjoy her youth and success. She was looking for joy and love. As a Sagittarius woman, she wasn’t going to give up on her ambitions until she was validated in those experiences. She went up against a lot of boundaries and did her best to eliminate them.

Britney’s breakdown was due to her extreme popularity paired with lack of privacy. Like her everyday counterparts, the girl-next-door’s life was defined by gossip and judgement. Britney was enjoying her successful youth unapologetically and was punished for it. She was punished for being what made her successful and what made her enviable. Most small town girls that peak in their youth are limited by the reality of their sexuality and gender very quickly. Britney was no exception to these limitations.

The integration period of 2007 resulted in Britney loosing all of her rights as an adult (including the ability to freely spend her hard-earned money). All of these provisions are still in place which is a highly unusual situation which the NYT addressed* at the beginning of 2016 (a 9 year). Britney–according to the public record–suffers from an unknown mental illness/substance abuse issues and since she is such a commodity, her ability to perform is of upmost importance.

2016 was a great year for Britney Spears. She was honored for her life work. She has been getting paid half a million dollars a night in Vegas–a pre-Britney Vegas was viewed as a place for performers to go to die. She released her best album in at least ten years and started dating a very healthy, attractive young man. She genuinely seems happier and healthier than she has been since she first launched her career. Her extreme limitations seemed to have saved her life and career and as mentioned earlier, her awareness of them were the very thing that launched her career. Even though her current dynamic with the conservatorship leaves her fans in wonder over how happy and free she is, the next cycle should reveal the truth of the matter. Her Jonathan Ross interview made clear that she is ready to be more open and honest about her private life, but is not allowed to be.

Is Britney still overprotected? Has she received the time, space, and sense-of-self she so desperately claimed? Has motherhood healed the maiden? Is the Sun ready to emerge?

What limitations have we learned about our selves and our environments in 2016 that teach us how we shall set intentions for the New Year?


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