No Rhyme or Reason

This song/video highlights the vibration of Separation in Love as glorified in Radhe Krishna. I am posting this the day after the Full Moon in Gemini of the 9 year of 2016 which feels particularly potent. Its lyrics deal with the circular nature of life and the need to consider the Other while going about your life (very Libra). It is a plea for her love to not be in vain and to experience the physical sensations of her Beloved. It is sad yet sensual; dreamy but pragmatic; hopeful and cynical.

The paradox of the song is that the siren yearns for her Beloved, yet feels scorned. Has he forgotten her? Is he true? The lyrics hint, and the video makes explicit, that the woman has plenty of admirers that she rebuffs only because of the faith she has that her man will come back.

The video ends with gravity setting in and the siren preparing for slumber. This hints to the 4/9 of Swords which is also associated with Gemini and Sleeping Beauty. Kylie readdresses this motif in Sleepwalker. Kylie Minogue is an über Gemini (air sign/swords suit). Her Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all in this sign. Also, the Lovers card is associated with Gemini and Libra.

I guess that I’ll just keep on believing: inside you, Love will know right from wrong.


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