A Place on Earth with You

Radha embodies bhakti, or devotional love. It is her devotion that strengthens Krishna. Radha Krishna is not the happily-ever-after fairy tale fetishized today. The love between Radhe Krishna exemplify the moral of Separation.

I use the word moral because devotional love is defined by its existence outside of what is convenient and logical. The Lovers card once depicted the choice between the protective mother and the desirable maiden. To be in Divine Union is to separate oneself from the parental embrace. It is an act of individualization. It is the first step towards it, actually.

The Lovers card featured in The Celtic Tarot by Courtney Davis perfectly explain the story of Separation and Union of the Twin Flames. The Woman and Man are primitive in their nudity, yet the manicured hair on both sexes suggest civility. The Woman is receiving the cup the Man provides. The Man embraces and protects the Woman that is shielding herself while remaining vulnerable. The couple is locked and lost within each other’s gaze. They are protected in a sacred ring.

celtic tarot - lovers.jpg

Within the ring, a tree is seen rooted in a green landscape with a mountain in the background. A rose–the symbol of perfection–casually rests between them. The tree and the mountain symbolizes wisdom and achievement. In general, inside the ring reflects a Garden of Eden, Heaven on Earth, Paradise.

Outside the ring, Eros awaits ready to strike. The fruits of the tree exist outside of the ring, as well. While the Lovers remain focused on each other and their Divine Union, all is bliss. Once desire for the fruits of their labor and love take hold, Eden falls. Perfection is lost.

Radhe Krishna’s love excels in its separation. It is a lesson on timelessness and gives shape to the concept of eternity. While the Lovers embrace, the world stand still. Time stops. The dance is in perfect flow. While the couple separates, the senses sharpen. Time is felt. Seconds, minutes, months have meaning. Isolation takes hold. The beautiful truth of Time and Space is revealed.

Every moment without the experience of Krishna, Radha experiences the world more acutely. When you choose to keep your eyes locked on the Other, Eros does not get to you. You remain in an immersive state of bliss and its paradoxical hangover called individualization. The love deepens. It is not in vain.

The absence of the physical presence of your beloved does not reduce the love shared. The absence of physical love is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Divine Union between opposites. The two conceptions of time–chronos and kairos–marry. The secret is being present. It is maintaining the unflinching gaze of your Beloved knowing you are one and one with all.

He holds me in his big arms.
Drunk and I am seeing stars.
This is all I think of.

Lana del Rey, Video Games


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