Moon’s Position

To first understand the moon, one must understand the sun. The Sun, in the Dawn of Religion, was Woman. The Moon was the male beloved of the High Priestess. The Mother Queen of Heaven and Earth birthed the Sun and so the positions changed.

Mary means ‘of the sea’ and is a title, as well as, a name. Mary the Mother. Mary the Beloved. Mary the Sister. Mary the High Priestess. The moon controls the tides of the sea. The moon represents the emotional body which ebbs and flows. The moon’s light is a reflection of the sun and it’s body a satellite to the earth. It controls; it balances; it nurtures.

The moon’s position in one’s chart reflects their secretive side. The person one is when they are alone or intoxicated. It is their unconscious–the deep vast sea, the sapphire heart. It is their fears and their illuminated shadow. It is the way one balances their sense of self with their physical self.

The moon is more about our Being and the sun is our Doing. Can you just Be with yourself? Do you need drugs or distractions? Check your moon. Perhaps, you are overly attached to your Beingness and resist your conscious sense of self. Check your Moon and balance it more with your Sun.


“If we don’t communicate, we’ll exist in our own space” – Beyonce, Satellites


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