Radhe Krishna *~* Magdalena Christ


Twin Flames and Soul Mates: what are the differences?

We may have many soul mates in a lifetime. They are our soul friends–people we have known for lifetimes. Soul mates are bound by karma and/or unconditional love. They are here to help us along our soul mission.

Twin Flames are a piece of our soul in another avatar. We may have many Twin Flames incarnated with us at this time. Deciding to be in Divine Union with a Twin Flame is extremely difficult work. It is as painful as it is blissful. It is a rentlentless look at the Self with the intention of extreme personal growth. It will be painful. This should not be overly romanticized.

Radhe Krishna and Magdalena Christ are the premier examples of Twin Flame love, to me. These women take a traditional devotional role while also being radically feminine in their own right. Radha being called mad in her complete devotion. Mary Magdalene having her name tarnished for hers.

Radha was a gopi. These beautiful cow maidens prayed ritually for the love of Krishna. One night, he finally blessed them with his presence and divine love. He gave them space to express their devotion. They were so satisfied with this blessing.

Radha was special among the gopis. She was worthy of Krishna and therefore did not generate envy from the other maidens. However, all of the gopis were special to Krishna.

Mary Magdalene did inspire jealousy amongst her peers. The male disciples asked why only she was kissed on the mouth. They didn’t initially believe that Christ would reveal himself to her first after his Resurrection. She was a significant player in cementing the Faith after Christ’s Ascension, yet the Church tried their best to minimize and demonize her.

Santa Croce, Florence, Italy – Taddeo Gaddi


Eastern Faith tends to be more centered around how things originally were. Western deals with how things are currently. Radhe Krishna is a story of love and duty, devotion and longing, madness and order. The love of Radha reigns supreme.

There are some theories of the gnostic symbolism of the Gospels. There is a beautiful theory that Jesus Christ went East to the Buddha and Mary Magdalene went West to Avalon carrying the Mysteries with her. This, of course, is the story of the Holy Grail and modern Hieros Gamos which has much to do with Twin Flames.

When you commit to your Twin Flame, you are committing to a union that is beyond the comprehensible. You are holding space for the other to find themselves and fulfill their purpose. This can bring out the worst of us for the sake of the best. Most people are not ready for the Twin Flame. It is almost irrational to do so. Can you Trust in your Devotion even when Duty calls your Love away? What if your Love violates you? What if your Love violates their own self? This kind of Love will strip you down to your core.

Can you abide by your Purpose? Can you fully surrender to it? Can you fully surrender to yourself? This is the lesson of a Twin Flame Union. Do not tread lightly because unconditional love is the only answer.

Do you feel the Call?

“My dear gopis, surely you have attained complete perfection in life. Your love for Krishna is no ordinary thing. It is very hard to achieve such love. Even the great sages cannot surpass your devotion to Krishna. You have abandoned everything for his sake and I feel blessed to witness your ecstatic emotions of loving separation from him. Indeed, the whole world is blessed by your fortunate ladies.”

– Beauty, Power, & Grace: The Book of Hindu Goddesses by Krishna Dharma


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